1. Payment

A. Delivery & Pickup charges(if any) have to be paid online while placing an order. if order quantity less than 10. 

B. Refundable Security deposit have to be paid in cash or cheque (i.e, Cheque will be paid without date) at the delivery.

C. The security deposit shall be returned to customer after the expiry of the present agreement and / or at time of termination if the       agreement and after deducting charges / dues / damages (if any).

D. A Security cheque would be required equivalent to Market value of goods.

E. The payments shall be made in favor of “RENTCLUB TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. ” through cheque and / or demand draft only.

2. Damage Policy

1.That equipments shall remain the property of Rent Club and the Customer shall not sell, exchange, damage, pledge or part the possession with the equipment.

2. That Customer shall not get the equipment service or repair nor deface or remove any identification from the equipments by his own sources and the same shall be considered as tempering and customer shall be liable for the cost of equipments to be paid to Rent Club.

3. That Customer shall give notice to Rent Club immediately of any loss or damage to the equipments.

4. That Customer shall be responsible for the safe custody of the equipments and accessories and shall be liable for any loss, theft or damage to the equipment howsoever it has been caused.

5. That Rent Club shall recover the amount of repair, replace, damage or loss, in addition to loss of rental revenue from the customer.

6. Any operation issues / problem shall be immediately informed to the Rent Club by the customer and customer shall save the complaint number for the reference.

3. Delivery and Return Equipment.

The Delivery and return of the equipments shall be at the cost and liability of the Customer, However the cost shall not include the cartage / transportation cost. Rent Club shall have right to repossess the equipments at the Customers expense.

4. Warranty

That Rent Club warrants that the equipment functions in accordance with the specifications. Rent Club is not responsible or liable for the failure of the equipment to perform the task for which it was rented by the Customer. Rent Club shall, at its own expense, repair or replace faulty equipment at the earliest possible time. Work carried out for causes other than hardware failure will be charged to the customer.

5. Right of Inspection

The Customer shall allow authorized representative of Rent Club to inspect the equipment on the customer's premises at any time as required by Rent Club.